To Our Patients: 
The current health insurance climate has been difficult for all of us, patients and offices alike, to understand. Starting in 2020, patients who have Medicaid and North Carolina HealthChoice will be transitioned to privately-managed plans. Due to constraints placed on providers, Hanover Pediatrics will only be able to contract with a limited number of these payers. 
At the bottom of the page is a link to a document that includes the published benefits for each plan, as well as an enrollment form. These papers should have been provided to you previously through NC Medicaid. Enrollment can be done via mail, fax, or on-line. Patients who do not select a plan will be automatically enrolled in one of the five randomly. 
Please be advised we will NOT be providing services contracted through United Health Care or Blue  Cross Blue Shield's Medicaid plans. If you do not choose one of the three listed plans with which we are contracted, we will be unable to provide services when the transition goes into effect. Private plans not affiliated with Medicaid will be unaffected. 
Hanover Pediatrics