Our Office Policy During the COVID-19 Epidemic

Hanover Pediatrics is committed to making sure our patients stay well and well-informed.  Due to the concerns about COVID-19, we are making some changes in how the office operates to limit potential exposures to the virus.  Our menu options by phone allow you to speak directly to the North Carolina Coronavirus Hotline, where you can listen to recorded general information or speak directly to a healthcare professional regarding any concerns.  Links to helpful sites and information are also available on our website and via email.  

We are unable to perform testing for COVID-19 in the office.  If you are concerned that this is a possibility, we can discuss this with you by phone first, then determine ifå your case warrants further investigation in person or can be managed at home.  

All patients will be asked to call the office upon arrival in the parking lot and stay in their automobiles until directed to come inside.  This will be the case for all patients regardless of the type of visit in order to limit exposures.  

When your visit is over, you will be met by one of our staff to make a follow-up appointment if needed in your exam room, then escorted to the door.  Please do not allow your child to play with any of the waiting room toys as we want to limit exposures to all our patients.  

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