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Hanover Pediatrics

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Hanover Pediatrics was founded in 2017 by Dr. Hoke Pollock, MD.  Having practiced in small and large group practices for several years, Dr. Pollock feels that the ideal way of connecting with children and families is to provide individualized, but evidence-based, comprehensive care (in other words, we take expert knowledge about all children and make it applicable to your child).  This means taking the time not only to make a diagnosis but to recognize how that diagnosis impacts a child’s overall health.  The staff of Hanover Pediatrics is dedicated to making every aspect of your encounters with us, be it in person, on the phone, or via social media, an inviting and responsive experience. 

So that we can give each patient the time and attention they deserve, all patients will be seen by appointment only.  Often same day appointments are available. To request an appointment, kindly give us a call or message us via our Patient Portal.

Our Mission



Hanover Pediatrics is dedicated to ensuring that each and every child entrusted to us reaches their greatest potential.  We recognize that well-being can only occur if families are well-informed, and so we place priority on education and knowledge.  Recognizing that children must be seen within the context of their own lives, we seek a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the relationships and environments which surround and nurture them outside of the office setting.  As your medical home, we strive to be a part of the larger community of care in which you find yourself and your child. We provide equal access regardless of insurance.

About Us

Choosing a pediatrician in the Wilmington area can be difficult.  There are many skilled and knowledgeable pediatric and family medicine practitioners—finding the right fit for your child and your family is important.  At Hanover Pediatrics, we find value in a small group of dedicated health professionals who know you and your child’s needs.  Different from a large group, which tends to stress group models of care, a smaller practice values the relationship and knowledge produced from seeing the same provider on a regular basis, who can make individualized care plans uniquely suited to your child. 


Here in our office, you should see familiar faces with each encounter, coupled with a friendly and inviting atmosphere for infants through teenagers.  Because we are a small practice, we can customize the time and interventions that are right for your child. 

Meet our Staff

Providing you with the best doctors, nurses and staff with the best care. 

Hanover Peds 2022-11.jpg
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