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Hanover Pediatrics Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for patience as we transition to a new portal system.  In order to remain compliant with the ever-changing health care standards this portal has to be updated. We appreciate your cooperation and will do all we can to help this transition be smooth for your and your family.  Below is a list of frequent issues or patients may encounter.


1.  If you attempt to create your account and it says EMAIL IS ALREADY IN USE this frequently means you have a portal established with another local practice that uses this same 3rd party portal software.  If that is the case log in with your existing email credentials and then you will have the option to ADD A CHILD.  You will use the same process for adding any additional children to keep your whole family in one convenient location.


2.  If you attempt to add a child and it says DATE OF BIRTH DOES NOT MATCH please go back to your original email and make sure the pin number you are entering matches the correct child.  The other thing that may cause this error is if you selected ADD A PRACTICE instead of ADD A CHILD.


3.  If you are in the portal but having trouble with the questionnaire the error may say EMAIL DOES NOT MATCH this means that we have a different email in our system than you used to register for the portal.  Please give our office a call and we can help you get this error resolved.


4.  EVERYTHING IS ACTIVE BUT I DON’T SEE A QUESTIONNAIRE Our staff is not able to add the questionnaire that is needed until your portal account is active.  If you just activated it please call and let us know.  If it is in place the questions will show under Messages in your portal. ​


Please call the office at 910-769-4994 if you need additional assistance!

Instructions for Setting up your PATIENT PORTAL

Once you submit your New Patient Form and receive approval from our staff, you will receive an individual email with your new PIN to sign in. 

Before getting started:

- If you already have a portal account, do not follow these steps below. Instead, log into your account and click the pending registration tile on your homepage. Refer to the email you received for the PIN that you will be prompted to enter for the child/dependent. 

- If this is your first time setting up your account and you received emails for multiple patients, complete the steps below from one of the emails that invites you to register. When you log into the portal, click the pending registration tile on your homepage to complete the other registrations. Only use the other emails to obtain the PIN(s) for additional children dependents. 


1. From the email, make note of the email address and PIN, and click the URL to launch the portal.

2. On the Child/Dependent screen enter the information for the patient whose first name is already displayed, and click CONTINUE.

3. On the Parent/Guardian screen, your email is already displayed. Enter the rest of your information.

4. Create a Password for your account, select a Security Question and enter the Answer.

5. Review and agree to the Terms & Conditions by selecting the checkbox.


If you have a Wilmington Health Portal or other child Portal

Before getting started:

-If you already have a portal account that you created for another patient, do not follow the steps below. Instead, log into your account, go to Settings > Add Child/Dependent and enter the PINS(s) for the additional patients.

-Complete the steps below if this is the first time you are setting up a portal account.

-If your printout contains PINS for multiple patients, you'll enter them in step 3.

1. Go to the Patient Portal URL that is displayed at the top of the PIN printout, and click LET"S GET STARTED.

2. Click YES becuase you have a PIN and click Child of Dependent unless you are the patient and you're registering yourself for the portal.

3. Enter the child's or dependent's birthday and PIN from the printout. If you have PINS for additional patients, click + ADD another child or dependent and complete their information.

4. Click CONTINUE when you're done.

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