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This portion of the site is dedicated to questions often asked by first-time parents.  We are happy to address any concerns in person as well, but hopefully, this will provide a good starting point.  

How do I choose a pediatrician?   

Choosing a pediatrician is in equal measure easy and difficult.  Fortunately, in the Wilmington area, you will not find a poorly qualified pediatrician.  The choice, then, becomes in what sort of practice and with what sort of doctor do I feel comfortable?  No one provider will be able to be a good match for everyone in our community—we can, however, aspire to be respectful of the variety of needs of various patients and their families; and endeavor to help forge a relationship that improves your confidence in parenting and maximizes your child’s well-being.  

Most offices offer methods for meeting with their providers.  Some offer appointments during the day, while others have meetings with groups at nighttime and on weekends.  Meeting with a prospective pediatrician is an excellent opportunity to address your questions and concerns before bringing your child in for their first appointment.  At Hanover Pediatrics, we offer the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Dr. Pollock during the day.  This offers you an opportunity to see the office first-hand and meet the staff.  At Hanover Pediatrics, we view ourselves as a team, and each member has something to offer you and your child during your visit.  

Do I need to call you when I deliver at the hospital?  

The simple answer is no.  One of the questions you will answer at the hospital is if you have chosen a pediatrician.  If you have selected Hanover Pediatrics, the nursing staff at the hospital will notify Dr. Pollock once your baby has been born.  Dr. Pollock does round at New Hanover Regional Medical Center—if you deliver there he will be able to see both you and the baby as you transition from pregnancy to infancy!  Only if you deliver at home or at another hospital will you then need to let our office staff after you have delivered, so we can help you determine when it would be best to be seen.

What kinds of things are you looking for during an interview or examination?

Parents come to us in all stages of the process of parenting.  During an interview with parents prenatally, Dr. Pollock is mostly interested in answering your questions, and getting a sense of what things are most important to you regarding health and behavior.  A primer on choosing a pediatrician and a good list of questions can be found here.   


When do I come in?

There is a considerable difference in the approach to care for children and adults.  Whereas most adults see the doctor only when something is wrong, pediatricians spend a considerable amount of time with patients when they are well.  Most of these visits are centered around preventative care, that is, the careful examination and discussion of health and developmental issues prospectively to avoid difficulties and to prepare families for the next stage of childhood.  Pediatricians call discussions about the “coming attractions” of childhood health and development anticipatory guidance.  A list of the recommended wellness visits can be found here (Link to website wellness visits portion).  

Using an open-access model of scheduling, at Hanover Pediatrics, we strive to provide care when you need it, whatever the issue.  If you have a question about your child, call or message to talk about the issue with our staff.  Some issues can be addressed by our nursing staff via telephone or our patient portal (once you are enrolled).  Other issues are best managed in person—we can help you decide which is the most appropriate method for getting you the help you need.  

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